Renting Property Procedures

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A)  Payment Procedures

-    After collection of one (1) month earnest deposit together with “Offer Letter  To Rent”   

        signed by both Tenant and Landlord

B) Preparing for Signing Tenancy Agreement

-    Prepare tenancy agreement to be signed within 14 days from date of offer acceptance.

-    Get all documentations from tenant /landlord  for preparing  Tenancy Agreement  as                              


a)Tenancy under Company :Director NRIC, Form 9, 24, 44, 49, M&E, Company


b) Tenancy under personal name : relevant spa pages to proof ownership, photocopy

     NRIC, utility bills

-    Forward the draft tenancy agreement to Tenant and Landlord for approval/confirmation.

-    Prepare inventory list to attach with Tenancy Agreement

**Notes: Admin Fee For Tenancy Agreement -Minimum charges RM350 and above

                  subject to rental (Exclude stamp duty)

C) Upon/ After  Signing Tenancy Agreement

 Upon signing the tenancy agreement by Tenant, to collect the balance 2 months security deposit, ½ or 1 month utility deposit, stamp duty and disbursement fees from Tenant.

** Remarks: If tenant make full payment to Portfolio Asia Properties, please wait for the cheque clearance before balance payment being issued to the Landlord.

-    To arrange for stamping after both parties signed the Tenancy Agreement.

-    Deliver stamped Tenancy Agreement to both parties and Official Receipt for Landlord.

D) Handover Premise Procedure

-    Record electricity and water meter reading and get Tenant/Landlord to confirm.

-    Check the inventory list with the tenant and acknowledge on the inventory list.

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